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Our Mission

CypherFrame’s mission is to tackle safety and security challenges often thought to be too difficult for conventional cyber security products to handle in some of the most sensitive networks across the world. Founded by embedded systems security experts, CypherFrame is pairing its distributed network based security technology with Cylance’s world leading artificial intelligence and machine learning approach to create an unmatched level of protection and prevention starting at the endpoint the endpoint and continuing to throughout the network.

Our Tech

CypherFrame’s technology and core product platform allows normally disparate next-gen security capabilities to be modularly inserted into different discrete networks within multiple industry verticals. This modularity allows the CypherFrame platform to deliver only the security features and capabilities required to protect its assigned host without increasing its own attack surface or adding additional cost for unwanted or unneeded capabilities.

Flexibility and power in a low-cost, miniaturized virtualized or hardware package is the goal of all of CypherFrame’s products. Whether it is the latest medical device, cellphone, industrial controller, train, plane, or drone a CypherFrame solution can be applied to provide device platform agnostic protection. Focus on what makes you successful and let us focus on making sure you’re secure while doing it.

The Team

Rob Bathurst

Director and General Manager

With over 16 years in information technology and cybersecurity leadership, Rob is a recognized expert in embedded systems and strategic information security spaces, and is often requested as an executive advisor and consultant. Prior to Cylance, Rob was the senior technical advisor for emerging threats to healthcare at the Mayo Clinic where he started and built the technical vulnerability assessment team and in-house medical device testing program. In his executive capacity, Rob has led and overseen engineering and security services for multiple Fortune 100 clients in everything from automotive to healthcare.

Mark Carey

Principal Research Scientist

Mark is a hardware and software engineer and security expert with over 30 years of experience. Currently, he holds the position of Principal Research Scientist at CypherFrame and oversees the development of the company’s commercial security products. Mark has worked across many industries, including entertainment, finance, insurance, and government. Prior to joining CypherFrame, Mark spent over 10 years at various U.S. Government organizations as a senior cybersecurity advisor and expert in current threats to embedded systems.



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